We are trained to think about individual development in terms of professional life. We train to become engineers, medical doctors, economists. And the school years are minimum 12, probably 16, or even more than 20.

But what about becoming a trained individual in personal life? Nobody needs any love lessons, relationship management courses, parent training etc.

And if we look onto self-development…What the hell is that? Self what?

So we invite you to Discover Yourself in all those three areas of being HUMAN:




….Actually I should have put them in a different order: Self/ Personal/ Professional.

I don’t try to create a hierarchy, I want to underline that if you skip one, you can easily call yourself incomplete. Crippled. Handicapped.

Now what means professional development?

Doing what you like (sounds easy, no?) and making enough money out of it. It means that being fully present doing your job one can enjoy life and not collecting frustrations.

What about personal development?

Being in harmony with all those around you: from the closest to society. Let’s start with life partner, children, parents, siblings…. and when all those relationships are at list ok, let’s think about society. Although human being now suffers from “me, myself and I syndrome” = people don’t have the capacity to cover (emotionally and mentally) more than their very close relatives.

And self-development?

Now… it is all about YOU. Knowing yourself, being aware of what you like, feel, think, do… and being able to work on yourself as a great sculptor!

Which one do you find more challenging?

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