Engagement Policy

We want to engage with you. We want you to feel welcome and we want to help you. One of the most exciting things about the world right now is the way it is becoming smaller and so much easier to connect with others. Sometimes it feels a little strange and uncomfortable, but we are very excited about what this has to offer for the future.

So, here’s how we see it!

  • This site is primarily a place for Ioana to share his work in the workplace and to engage with others who are interested in this topic.
  • If you engage with us here, Ioana will do his level best to respond to you. He is very committed to sharing this work, discussing it, and delving into the detail — so come on, get involved!
  • Please comment on any post or page. We do not expect you to agree with everything posted here because the world is a very diverse place. But we do expect you to be respectful and courteous as we will be. We reserve our right to not post the comments which do not accomplish with the rule above.
  • You are also more than welcome to email Ioana directly with questions, points or feedback. He is committed to responding to you as quickly as possible, particularly to subscribers and those who show respect.
  • To maximise the response time, please be succinct, make questions clear and also be tolerant of delays.

And finally, please do join in the debate. We are active in a number of different places and invite you to not only engage with us, but also others who are interested in the subject of influence in the workplace. Here are the main ways of getting getting engaged..

  1. Post comments and respond to others’ comments on the posts.
  2. Make business with Ioana on Linkedin.
  3. Like and Post on our Facebook page, Ioana (still very much work in progress!).

Looking forward to being by your side for a very long time.



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