Trust & Privacy Policy

Since we focus so much on building relationships, we thought it appropriate to make a declaration of how we will behave and, also, how we expect you will behave in respect of this website. Trust is about predictability and, by stating what we will do, we hope you will honour our trust in you by respecting our wishes.

Our declaration…

  • Our primary intent here is to provide practical ideas  which will help our visitors, subscribers, friends and colleagues to become more successful.
  • We have commercial intent too and, from time to time, will make offers which we feel are relevant and of interest to our visitors.
  • Any information you give us about yourself will remain between us. We will never share or sell your information with third parties.
  • We will always work hard to follow best practice and comply with all relevant legislation. This includes making it easy for you to stop receiving our communication — nobody likes spam!
  • Observe the fact that all of the content of this site is legally owned by us. We have worked hard building our expertise and will act swiftly to protect our interests.
  • That said, if you want to republish any of our work, please ask. Most requests get a positive response. Lack of a request likely has a different outcome.
  • Use the links available on this site to tell all your friends about what is attracting your attention here.

What we expect of you…

That’s probably enough. More than anything, we want you to enjoy our sharing with you and to use it to become more influential. If you trust us, and we trust you, we will probably be at your side continuing to help you for a very long time!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your query as quickly as possible.

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